The kitchen as an island of tranquility

Find out how we reveal the value of quality materials by reducing design to its essentials.

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Our consultants are here to give you advice, not persuade you. And that advice becomes all the more valuable once the consultant knows you, and you know the consultant. Our Design Room is the perfect environment to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and to start an in-depth discussion to discover what is important to you. The kind of house you live in. Your style and interior design tastes. What design means to you. And of course we can discuss what the perfect kitchen could look like to meet your personal, unique needs and desires. 

Whether in a luxurious beach house, Charleston single house or modern suburban home, SieMatic’s extensive experience coupled with our wide range of services will enhance your property’s profile and provide a timelessly elegant center to the home.

We invite you for a personalized consultation with our experts